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Capital of Kerala?

(A) Ernakulam
(B) Thiruvananthapuram
(C) Thrissur
(D) Calicut

View Answer Answer: (B)

The National animal of India?

(A) Cow
(B) Lion
(C) Tiger
(D) Elephant

View Answer Answer: (C)

Which among the following inert Gases is not present in our atmosphere?

(A) Neon
(B) Argon
(C) Krypton
(D) Xenon
(E) Radon

View Answer Answer: (E)

The first Lady Prime-Minister of a country was?

(A) Indira Gandhi
(B) Sirimavo Bhandara Naike
(C) Goldamair
(D) Margaret Thatcher

View Answer Answer: (B)

The Panchayati Raj is a?

(A) One-tier system
(B) Two-tier system
(C) Three-tier system
(D) Four-tier system

View Answer Answer:(C)

Dear money means?

(A) Low rate of interest
(B) Inflation
(C) High rate of interest

View Answer Answer: (C)